It was an absolute treat that Kitty and Daisy from Kitty, Daisy & Lewis found time between posing for Vogue and touring with Brian Adams to come down The Alibi and spin some of their favourite 45s at the last Heavy Sugar. It was a top night with a up-for-it crowd and the ladies played two absolutely storming sets. They really rocked out later on, but their first set, which is what we have for you here, was a bluesy affair. What depth! They played at least one song they’ve covered with their band and had the whole place bopping from go to whoa.

Towards the end of November 2013, Helsinki’s Big Shake DJs, Sampsa V and Vesa Y-P popped over to London to be guest spinners at Heavy Sugar. Although they were interested in bringing 78s, we saved them the hassle of having to travel with those heavy old fragile things by requesting a night of strictly 45s. Luckily for us and everyone who ventured down The Alibi’s sturdy staircase that night, both have ample and deep collections to draw from, as this mix surely demonstrates. They play roughly 25 minutes each. In the first half, Vesa drops a set of tough, upbeat blues, while Sampsa, who starts with Down In The Basement, carries on the party with an onslaught of dancefloor perfect jazz. Needless to say, Dalston went nuts. This is a mix you’re going to want to listen to again and again, but when you’re ready for more, make sure you follow the Big Shake’s own mighty mixcloud BIG SHAKE and come check it out live some time at a Heavy Sugar or Big Shake event.